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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

keppel 1610

i miss the place where i stayed at when i was in cebu. i miss the stain-filled sofa covers. i miss our dining chairs that easily gets broken. i think jeric broke 1 chair and nuelle broke another one and that left us with only 2 chairs. i miss the biohazard fridge in that place also. food stored there have been there for i think as early as the time that the fridge first got there, prolly 2 years. i still remember some of the stuff inside our fridge. uncooked tilapia, lyxx's C2 apple, my C2 apple, smarties from chelsea last xmas, cheese dog i bought before, curded milk nestle of course, etc. i miss the microwave. i miss our electric stoves we have 2. the switch of the other one is broken so you can only use it for frying the other, works well. i miss our toaster which has a lot of yucky grimes underneath the grill. i miss my blue glass and the other one i use, the tall one. i always keep my glasses inside my room because i don't want anybody using it including the ipis. hehe i miss our trusty water dispenser it always provides hot and cold water. i miss my squeaky clean bathroom. i miss my bathtub i always sleep there when i wake up too early for work. i miss the toilet, it leaks so you have to turn the faucet on for the flush to work. i miss the counter that is where i brush my teeth while looking at myself in the mirror. i miss that mirror too it doesn't lie, it always shows a good reflection of me. the bathroom is special because this is where i spend my personal time. when i am in different emotional states, the bathroom is my refuge. lastly, i miss my bed. i miss my orange checkered sheet, 2 pillows, blue big blanket, and nestle green and blue (my small pillows from tij).

haaaaaay..... sa na i could go back there even just for one night to relive my moments spent there.


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